A Simple Guide To Female Masturbation: Techniques And Tools

Masturbation is a fantastic way to relieve stress, achieve pleasure, gain confidence in yourself, and well… just get off. Though most women simply go with the tried and true finger nail to the clitoris method, there are a multitude of different ways to indulge yourself and orgasm harder with just a few adaptations of your technique. From adding toys to stimulate the lips, clit, and vagina, or long and girthy wands, dildos, and vibrators for added penetration to your masturbation routine, to simply learning how, where, and when to touch yourself, you can go from a soft cum to a full blown screaming orgasm all on your own. Below, we’ll look into a few different methods to take yourself to a whole other level.

The most important part of achieving greater pleasure when masturbating is allowing yourself to really get into it, take your time, and rid yourself of any kind of shame you may have in touching yourself. Masturbating is certainly not the time or place for any kind of self-shaming or embarrassment. If you enjoy deep vaginal intercourse with a thick toy, admit it. If you like lubing your ass hole, pinching your own tits, or watching porn or reading erotica while you masturbate, more power to you! The whole point of masturbation is to elicit something in yourself sexually that will get you off hard and make you feel good about it. Take your time, feel yourself up, and really let go. Besides, if you’re not honest with yourself about what you like, how will you ever be able to let your partners know what feels good when the time comes?

After you’ve found just how your body responds to different kinds of stimuli you can then begin looking into just how to most effectively masturbate to achieving raging, hard, fulfilling orgasms. There are plenty of seemingly obscure ways to give yourself better orgasms when masturbating simply by using your hands and fingers. Squeezing the clit between the labia folds, and the opposite, using as minimum pressure on your clitoris as possible, as well as using these two techniques in conjunction with one another can provide an other-worldly sensation. It’s important to focus on personal preference when using these techniques. If something feels right, do it! If it doesn’t, stop. Though there are plenty of thrills to give yourself using your fingers alone, vibrating toys and dildos can provide a completely different level of masturbatory fun.

Vibrators like the Rabbit and many others from a plethora of different companies offer clitoral stimulation like you could never achieve only masturbating with your fingers and hands. If you find yourself achieving harder more fulfilling orgasms through clitoris play, a simple handheld vibrator is definitely worth looking into. However, if you prefer the deep penetration of girth and thickness, perhaps a large dildo, vibrating or non-vibrating (though why not go with the vibration?) may be more up your alley, if it’s not up other parts of you. Many different companies make combination clit stimulators and penetrative dildos, or sell deluxe packages featuring both. The most popular dual use toy is of course the Hitachi Magic Wand, though many different companies like Doc Johnsons and LELO have their own, if not better, versions of the product.

By far the best thing you can do for yourself when masturbating is to open up to yourself, allow you to explore your own body, accept yourself and your likes and dislikes, and take your time. If you find yourself liking anal stimulation during masturbation, try adding anal beads to your routine. If you like nipple play, there are a multitude of companies that provide tit-compressors and devices for one person use. Get in the bed room, strip down, and rub yourself until you find out what you like. Then go from there.

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